The forum of woman entrepreneur for the program "Establish and Succeed Together" was held from August 03-04-05,2018  in Tunis collaboratively with the Higher School of Engineering and Technology ( ESPRIT) and the Ministry of Woman with the participation of  40 women entrepreneurs from the cross-border regions (Tunisia, Algeria and Libya).
The training program aims to make able the participants to elaborate a business plan to Continuing  to acquire soft skills to establish and run women's projects, promoting support for cross-border women's projects (Tunisia, Algeria, Libya) , participating in ensuring and consolidating the social peace and  finally implementing and developing  linkages between women entrepreneurs, funders and decision makers.
The guest honor Mr  Tahar Belkhdar, CEO of  ESPRIT School  opened the forum, and also  renewed as usual his full support for the association and its activities.
 Ms. Fatima Al-Zahra Malki Bensoltane, President and Founder of the Méditerravenir Association and an expert chaired the Forum and affirmed her commitment to strengthening the North-South dialogue and advancing women's projects at the border.
A group of specialists participated in enriching this meeting with valuable interventions and guidance as

- Ms. Wiam Magouj, representative of the Ministry of Women, Children and Family (Tunisia), responsible for pilot program RAIDA
- Ms. Nafisa Lahrish, a retired journalist  and  former member parliament (Algeria), in charge of  Algerian projects for women.
- Ms. Radhia, president of the Chamber of Commerce for Women Entrepreneurs and the reality of women entrepreneurs in Libya.
The representatives of International Cooperation Department of the Italian Embassy and the representative of the wives of ambassadors confirmed their support for the initiative and their readiness to support it and cooperate with Méditerravenir Association in view of the importance of its activities.
Mr. Hamadi Boulares, a former General Manager of the Employment Agency and an expert, held a training session for the  participants on how to succeed .
Mr. Mehdi Kala'i, General Manager of Industrial Complex of KAF and member of the National Border Projects Committee, presented the legal problems of the border partnership between Investors from cross- border regions
Ms. Aicha Daffef of Tataouine who is in charge of southern region network for Mediterravenir Association, presented the details of a plan of action on the production of white mushrooms in Tunisia.
Ms. Karima Benslama (Algeria) presented the business plan "REPARELLI" on computer repair and training the students  .

The forum ended with recommendations, the most important of which were:
- Call for continuation of the project "to establish and succeed together".
 Establishing a continuous training center in general and specifically in the field of joint cross-border regions projects.
- Working on the presence of representatives of cross- border regions authorities in the mixed national committees.
- To establish a solidarity fund to promote women's cross-border projects.
- Listen to the concerns of those who are keen on this border project (méditerravenir Association) and representatives of civil society.

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création est en cours en Espagne et en Algérie.

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